This house for sale in Tagaytay comes with a limited edition sports car for free and the public was really amazed!

Many of us Filipinos dreams of building our own dream house someday, not just for our personal achievement but for the benefits of our family as well. It may be a great investment to many but it was also a very big decision especially when it comes to financial status.

Not all people have the resources to purchase their own houses. But they still strive harder in achieving their goals in life and eventually buy their dream house when the right time comes.

Recently, the social media community was amazed with this house for sale located in Tagaytay. The architecture of the house and its modern style captured the attention of many netizens, but more than that it also comes with a very incredible freebies, a limited edition sports car!

The viral post was shared by The Staycationist Facebook page. The property was a three-storey house in Splendido Subdivision, Tagaytay that is worth P38 million pesos. It was being sold rush and for cash basis only. The house was built in 2018, with 485 square meters lot area and 297 square meter floor area. It also has three big rooms and two car garage.

The master bedroom has its own toilet, bathroom, and balcony and it is located at the ground level of the house. The second room also has its own balcony while the third room was surrounded by a glass window. Those rooms also has its own toilet and bathroom. The house also has its fourth room that is a semi-furnished room that can be converted into a guest room or maid’s room.

The property has a lot of beautiful amenities but above all of those fascinating amenities is the limited edition red Mustang GT sports car that is included in the P38 million pesos package. The limited edition sports car was said to be only two in Asia and was released in 2015.

According to the admin of the page, the owner of the house wanted it to be sold because it is no longer in use because the owner has several home properties in other parts of the country and he is currently living in Quezon City.