This gymnast granny stuns the public with her amazing and impressive routines at the International German gymnastics festival

We would often see our elders taking their time to relax and be comfortable with their lives as they retire. But this 92-year-old grandmother will definitely left you in awe! She is none other than Johanna Quaas known to be the World’s Oldest Gymnast. Her stunts were really amazing and stunning, no wonder that a lot of her audience were left in awe.

She may seem a typical granny to many people with white hair, oval glasses, and wrinkled skin but she is really an amazing one. She had actually performed at the International German Gymnastics Festival in Berlin last June 2017.

Some other young gymnast may find it a bit hard to perform flawlessly in the parallel bar, this very talented granny showed her incredible strength, talent and years of practice like no other.

She was very graceful on her stunts and ranked first on the previous years. She was also awarded as a fourth runner up in a recent event. A lot of people were amazed that at her age she can still do incredible and amazing stunts. It seems that she was still very young despite her age and looks. She indeed has soft bones and may be nothing at all?

It was in 2012 when she was certified as the Oldest Gymnast by the Guinness World of Record when she turned 86 years old. After such recognition she never stop practicing and continuing her passion in her sports. According to her, she will never quit gymnastics and she will continue performing until her last breath.

She was really a great inspiration to many people especially to those young generation to continue pursuing their passion and all the things they wanted to do in life.

Not everyone are blessed to have such an amazing talent, the courage and the passion to continue on what she really love doing. May this serve as an inspiration to many other people.