This guy wanted to change his career upon learning that a lumpia vendor earns better than him!

Many people will definitely agree that it was really hard to find a decent and well-paying job. Especially when you have a family or a child to support. It seems really difficult to find such job, no wonder that many of us would have to take every opportunity that comes their way. Just like this lumpia vendor who earns quite better than a regular company employee.

There was this netizen named Jomer Arañas who hilariously commented that he wanted to shift career with a lumpia vendor after he learned how much a lumpia vendor really earns. As he was talking to a lumpia vendor who sells his products on their neighborhood he was surprised to know that his lumpia was always sold out! And that he actually sells P600 per day! He became really curious and he also did the computation on how much the vendor really earns, with the lumpia costing P20 per 3 pieces, it came up that the vendor has P4,000 a day for a work that doesn’t even reach for 8 hours a day!

If the lumpia vendor will sell his products every day for a week, he will earn as much as P28,000 per week. He will have P120,000 a month! Even bigger than those minimum wage earners in Manila who also has a lot of salary deductions that is why they find their take home pay not enough. Some of them also came from the nearby provinces and it really took them a lot of effort to travel every single day to and from their work place while some other employees choose to rent a house near their working place and that is an additional expense again for them.

But some netizens told Jomer that he should also deduct the other expenses of the vendor like the ingredients or the transportation but it will also came up that even he spends 60% on the ingredients and other expenses he will still be earning P1,600 per day, around P11,200 a week, and a huge amount of P44,800 per month! Amazing!