This guy inspires the public as he was able to fulfill the dream house of his father ever since they are young!

It was a fulfilling experience to provide and support for your family and loved ones. As young children, we grow up studying very hard and making our parents proud of all the achievements we have. It was really a blessing to have such a wonderful family that is why we can do anything just for them.

Just like this guy who shared their inspiring story that surfaced in different social media platforms. Randy N. Oliverio was able to build the dream house of his father when they were still younger. He would often saw his father making plans for a two-storey house with terrace every time their old house would leak because of heavy rain. At first, Randy’s co-workers are against it because they are very sure that building a house is a passive investment and it cannot give him any profit in return. They insisted that he should be using his hard-earned money for putting up a business.

But the loving son decided on giving the best for his parents and fulfilling one of his father’s greatest dream. On his viral post, Randy shared that he was from San Antonio, Northern Samar but he is now living in Manila working as a Property Specialist at Avida Land Corp.
His story inspires a lot of netizens who were also deeply moved by his love and care for his parents. Not all children feel the same with their family especially when they are also trying to save for themselves and their own future. True enough that there are still people who wanted to give the best for their families and loved ones.

Although, it was really a passive income for him and doesn’t even have a return of investment, what more important was the happiness and joy of his parents especially his father who dreamed of having their own house so many years ago. And now it already came into reality.