This guy holds hand with his seat-mate during turbulence on their flight, ended up being a couple!

Would you believe that we find love in mysterious ways? We may not expect it at first but little did we know that love is already knocking its way inside our hearts. Just like the strange story of these two individuals who were actually sitting beside each other during their flight. Their story began when the guy held the hand of this lady who was very frightened during a turbulent flight in Taiwan.

Ya Chao is a Taiwanese guy who worked in China but unfortunately he was fired from his work that time that was why he decided to put himself together and go to his hometown and relaxed a bit. He noticed a petite woman in at the airport struggling with so many bags but he just ignored her.

He was very shocked to saw that woman on the plane who was actually sitting beside him. He was wondering how can she manage to put all her bags at the overhead compartment because she was not asking for help he just decided to sit on his designated seat.

During the flight, the two of them has a vacant seat between them but after some talkings and sharings, the woman moved another seat closer to him. The guy learned she will be visiting Taiwan and had offered her if she wants him to be her tour guide. Though it was impossible for them to finish her itineraries, he will make everything he could to make her Taiwan escapade memorable.

Eventually, the woman fell asleep but was awakened by the sudden turbulence. She was very frightened that is why the guy held her hand. He felt to be very protective of her and it actually began their mutual feeling towards one another even before getting off the plane. What an amazing flight they had experienced!