This Grab driver receives real money from his passenger but when he checked his wallet, it turns into dried leaves!

A Malaysian Grab driver brought goose bumps to many people as he shared his experience with his strange passenger. It was just a very normal day for this driver and he never thought that he will be experiencing something supernatural. He has a strange passenger one time and she was really strange as she constantly laugh at the back seat even if she was just alone.

The driver was very sure that his passenger was all by herself that time and he just thought that she was laughing at her phone or on some things so that he just ignored it.

The lady got off the vehicle and she gave the driver her payment amounting to RM8 or $2. The driver eventually put the money on his wallet. After a couple of hours and he decided to get some money from his wallet but it turns out that instead of money there are eight pieces of leaves.

Some netizens thought that the lady was a magical creature and put a spell on the leaves to turn those into money but when the spell expired, the money turned into leaves inside his wallet.

A lot of people could not help but feel scared as it might really be a supernatural being that the driver had encountered. Some netizens also thought that the driver had experienced a “budol-budol” strategy just like here in the Philippines.

There were really a lot of mysterious and supernatural things around us that we may not believe but it may really exist. Good thing that no one was harmed and the driver was safe as he had been a very nice and professional driver to the strange passenger. However, he tried tracking the lady or getting his number or rating but it was really very strange that it doesn’t appear on her booking. Creepy isn’t?