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This girl bought a “balut”, take care of it, and treated it at her best friend!

We all have that soft heart not just to people but to animals and other living things as well. No wonder that this Malaysian girl chooses to take care of a “balut” egg instead of eating it out. Erica Lim, a 39-year old lady from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia went into a Vietnamese restaurant in Puchong and bought fertilized duck egg or popularly known in the Philippines as “balut” two years ago. But it was not her intention to eat it but rather she bought the egg to take care of it and wait until it hatched.

Who would have thought that Erica would actually make an improvised incubator made out of Styrofoam box and heat lamps just for the fertilized duck egg? After two weeks of waiting, she finally saw the little creature inside the egg which she took care for the past few days. Erica named the cute little duckling as Daisy but she preferred calling it with its nickname Bibit.

She shared to everyone how charming and attentive her friend Bibit was. She also convinced people to try having ducks as their pets as they are also wonderful companions. The cute little creature does not just sneak into the bathroom to splash in the tub but it also destroys things inside the bathroom especially when Erica is not around. Bibit also enjoys watching movies and reading books with Erica.

As Bibit grew up, she actually lays an egg every 25 hours which means that Erica had an unlimited supply of eggs to share with her friends and family.


This only show how her pet Bibit and Erica compliments each other. They are an amazing duo that can lighten each and everyone’s day. Who would not want to have such a cute little creature inside their house? Not just a cat, or a dog but a duck! It might just be a little bit messy for real but there will always be things that we can do especially when we love what we are doing.