This fish vendor couple accidentally kissed a Lamborghini but the luxury car owner’s reaction was surprising!

Many of us are guilty of looking at a number of luxurious and extravagant cars along the road even if we are driving our own cars which can lead to a serious problem afterwards. There was also a time when we are dreaming of having our own luxury car someday.

But what if you will be in a situation wherein you accidentally scratched a very expensive car? What would you feel and what would you do in that kind of situation? This can really be a big problem most specially to those people who are not that rich and well-off in life.

Just like what happened to this fish vendor couple in Thailand Nonthaburi Province, it was like a nightmare for them which was really unbelievable!

As they were driving their old car they accidentally bumped into the Lamborghini! Because they knew that it was really an expensive car, they immediately get out and talk to the luxury car owner.

Even though, the couple’s car has a lot of damage than the Lamborghini, the couple admitted that it was really their mistake and apologizes for what they have done. The fish vendor couple also revealed that they didn’t even have a car insurance for their car.

Instead of taking advantage to the old couple and asking so much money from them, he wanted something more meaningful and worthy. Instead of being mad, the kind luxury car owner just asked them to donate 3000 Thai Baht in a temple for ten times. According to the rich businessman, he doesn’t want to be show off all his riches and to be proud of all the things that he has but instead he wanted to inspire other people to forgive with all their hearts without keeping hatred to other people, just love, understanding, and forgiveness.