This Filipino man lives in a shack under the bridge as his “Canada dream” and finding a job failed!

Many of us wanted to have an amazing and wonderful life. Most Filipino people secretly desires on their hearts an “American dream”. A dream to live in America where all your needs and wants are all easily given to you, no more long years of waiting and hard work. The desire to earn a lot and to earn big for their family has been one of the many reasons why a lot of Filipino people work overseas.

Just like this man who wanted to fulfill his “Canada dream”. He had left his job in the welfare and social work sector here in the Philippines to chase his dream and work in Canada. But after 9 long years, his dreams failed and he just found himself homeless. This Filipino man was later known as the 41-year-old Allan Par, jobless and homeless. He is currently living in a shack under a bridge. It was not legal and might be destr0yed soon by the authorities.

According to Allan, it was already 9 years ago when he went to Winnipeg with the help of his sponsors who let him live as well at their house. As his relationship with those unnamed sponsors went sour, he had to stay away from them and just live on the streets.

He didn’t know why he lost his jobs because he was terminated from his three jobs for no apparent reasons at all. Because he had no friends and family in such foreign country, he decided to live at the airport terminals during the night just to keep him warm and by daytime he was just outside West End Community gym.

After a couple of days, he then decided to have his own home by using scraps from buildings and establishments in the city. He built a shack under a bridge just above a shallow creek, Omand’s creek just off Empress street inside Winnipeg’s busy St. James industrial area.