This father accompanied his daughter in a bar while he pretended not to be with her in front of her friends!

Fathers are known to be one of the strongest foundations of our families. They guide, support and provide for their families every single day. And we really admire and love them because of that. They worked very hard to earn enough money in supporting the needs and wants of the family. They are also the one who made our family strong and happy.

Our father would always defend us and protect us from any danger that comes our way. They are always strong for their family and their children. Recently, this 24-year-old netizen named Xiannie Delfin shared on social media how “over protective” his father is. She went into a bar with her friends and she was surprised to saw her father seating several seats away from her and her friends and he seems looking out for her just in case something bad happened to her.

His father never bothered her nor talk to her friends on their table. He had also pretended that he did not knew his daughter at all. He just wanted to made sure that his child was safe all the time. Xiannie also shared that her father even texted her to get the foods he ordered for her and for her friends.

It brought a lot of good vibes and inspiration to a lot of people. Many netizens also shared how their father had protected and loved them since they were a child and even until now that they are already grown up. Children who have this kind of parents are indeed really blessed. Not everyone are blessed to have such wonderful and amazing parents. Parenting is one of the most hardest roles anyone could ever experience but it is also a wonderful, rewarding and fulfilling journey.

That is why as their children we should always be grateful, responsible, and loving to our parents.