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This dog was tied in a post by its owner, a lot of people got mad!

People have their own things that they care and cherish the most. We oftentimes do everything to protect and preserve it as much as possible to prolong its life. Recently, this woman from Nigeria known as Estelle de Souza posted a photo on her social media account with her dog tied in a post standing because it chewed her phone up.

She also shared that she just went in the comfort for a very short period of time and when she came back, she just saw her phone chewed by her dog.

It made her mad and angry that is why she decided to do such a thing to the poor dog. A lot of netizens questioned what the woman did to the poor dog as she could have been more careful with her phone as she knew that she had a dog who could probably eat and chew anything it can reach.


Source: Rachfeed