This customer cut his luxurious bag into pieces in front of the staff who disrespected him because of his appearance!

Establishments and other businesses are expected to have good quality service when it comes to their customers. Customers are one of the main reasons why businesses and other companies succeed nowadays as these people buy goods, services, and other products that a certain company or establishment are selling.

Actually, there are a lot of customers everywhere that didn’t get the customer satisfaction that they deserve because of the poor customer service of this establishments. Most of the customers who experienced this kind of scenarios may have just leave the place and do not to buy anything at all while there will be some customers who will insist their right of being a customer.

Just like what happened to the friend of Ismail Ariffin, Zainal Abidin in this famous luxury boutique. Ariffin shared their awful experience in this boutique where they were disrespected by the staff of the boutique just because of their casual appearance. The latter mentioned that they had been treated like dogs as they entered the boutique just because they are wearing casual clothes.
According to his post, Abidin bought a luxury bag in that boutique a couple of days ago and he wanted to emboss a name in the bag but the staff told them that their request cannot be done as it may just damage the bag. But he doesn’t gone mad just because of the ungranted request but because the staff disrespected them. He told the staff that she cannot treat them like monkeys. And because of that, he asked for a pair of scissors and without any hesitation the customer suddenly cut the lavish bag into pieces in front of the Louis Vuitton employee.

He even added that they thought their LV bags are greater than their dignities. The luxury bag was actually a Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage Duffle Bag that actually costs $7,000 or approximately P360,000! A lot of netizens commented and sympathized with the customers as the staff should have been professional enough and sensitive to the needs of their clients.