This crying kid went viral as security guards got his mangoes without even paying, and now he is very much happy to receive a lot of gifts from Tulfo!

It was really a blessing in disguise that this kid vendor who was selling mangoes experienced an unforgettable and awful situation with a security guard in Araneta Center who just get his mangoes and left without even paying for the products he was selling.

It open doors for many people to help the poor kid who was really crying very hard as someone stole his mangoes. Some concerned netizens and even the popular personality Raffy Tulfo extended their help to the hard-working boy.

The boy was later known as Marlou “Jay-r” Duran Jr. He was the little kid vendor who went viral on different social media platforms as he was crying outside of an office building where he sells his mangoes.

He told a worker there that security guard had taken four packs of the mangoes he was selling that time without paying for its price. Aside from that, the security guards even took his P500 earnings at that time.

As Raffy Tulfo learned about what happened to the hard working kid, he was very mad that those guards who have big bodies would have stolen something from a 12-year-old kid.
The security guards and the kid’s father met at TV5 and had signed an agreement at the barangay hall that they will be paying P10,000 for the loss of income and the fear that they caused the kid. The security guards asked for their forgiveness and they even promised to help out the family whenever they can.

The team of Tulfo visited the family the following day as they were selling in the streets. They took some time off and they were invited to shop for clothes and toys for Jay-r and his other siblings. Raffy Tulfo even granted the kid’s wish of buying them 2 sacks of rice and other grocery items.