This couple crosses a knee-deep flood just to get to their wedding!

A wedding is the most celebrated occasion of all. Many people would definitely agree that we invest a lot of our time, effort, and money just to make our wedding special and memorable. Heavy rains nor deep-knee flood could not prevent this couple from exchanging “I Dos”.

The newlyweds Joey Nunez and Gina Canete from Negros Occidental had crossed a severe flood for their most awaited wedding. As they wear their suit and gown, they had to cross the knee-deep flood as they come from their church wedding last October 26. It was actually the same path that had to take earlier but they were just wearing regular clothes and change into their gown and suit for their wedding ceremony because of the flood.

It was not your typical wedding or ideal walk to the reception as the visitors welcomed the newlywed but Joey and Gina didn’t mind it at all as they enjoyed every moment and every second of such a rare moment. One of their bridesmaids, Joy Ann Baquilar recently posted online the series of photos of the newlyweds crossing the flood writing a caption saying that their love for each other is like the rain and flood, you can never really stop them. And that is true and genuine love!

She also added according to a GMA story that it rained during the night before their wedding and that was the reason why the supposed path for their wedding car as flooded. But despite the flood, the lovers continued their wedding and make it more memorable than ever.

It was really a great inspiration to many other couples out there to enjoy every single journey with their spouse. It was not every day that you got to witness such an unforgettable experience together with your very special someone that you promised to be with through thick and thin as long as you live.