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This coffee manufacturer was caught mixing battery, dust, and cement on their coffee products!

A coffee manufacturer owned by a family in Dak Nong Province was caught mixing their coffee products with batteries, dust, and cement! The authorities received a tip about the said place in one of the concerned citizens. The said owner of the coffee factory was known to be Nguyen Thi Loan who confessed that he actually buys rejected coffee beans in other facilities for a cheaper price and processed it together with other materials like dusts before mixing it with black powder from batteries.
The police seized more than 12 tons of “dirty coffee”, 77 pounds of black powder extracted from batteries, one pail of black liquid, and two barrels full of battery shells. The owner also revealed that the facility had been running for many years and they actually produced and sold 3 tons of coffee products this year! According to the experts who did the laboratory tests from the samples, the black elements from the D batteries contained manganese dioxide that can be very fatal when ingested.

Source: FamousTrends