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This chubby girl and her hunk boyfriend captures the attention of the public with their photos online

Love is such a wonderful thing every one of us wanted to feel and experience. Maybe not every one of us had already found that special someone in our lives. There may be some people who were already successful in their lives, and in their career. Maybe they already had their own house, own car and a lot of savings but they do not actually have that someone to share all their victories with. No wonder that a lot of netizens were astounded as they witnessed the genuine love of this couple for each other.

This lovely couple may be different physically or when it comes to their weight the girl is much heavier than her boyfriend but it was never a reason for them not to be happy or contented in their relationship. Their amazing travel photos went viral on different social media platforms garnering countless reactions and comments from the people. They could not believe that a hunky guy could actually fall in love with a chubby girl.

Though there were a lot of positive and beautiful comments about the lovely couple on social media. People in our society always have something to say. There are some people who commented on the viral photos that if the girl really loved the guy, she would have done something to take care of herself especially her health. But there are also other people who commended both of them for loving each other despite their flaws.

As of this writing, the post from “Ginalingan” already earned 15,584 shares and 5.4 thousand reactions. It was indeed true that real beauty comes from inside when you accept your own beauty, your own self that is when you are going to be confident and beautiful all at the same time. And if you feel beautiful from the inside, it would indefinitely be seen outside and you can also share it to those people you love and care so much.