This child saved money just to buy her mother an expensive diamond ring! Recently, this 10-year old child from Hubei, China had caught the attention of many netizens as he wished to buy his mother a real diamond ring.

One day when the mother and son was busy walking in the mall, the son suddenly pulled his mother inside a jewelry store to try some rings that she liked. Little that his mother knows that his little child wanted to surprise her in buying an expensive diamond ring with his own savings. The child was able to save 8,800 yuan or $1,300 from all the monetary gifts he received during the past special occasions like Chinese New Year. His mother had picked a ring worth 8,100 yuan and he was so glad that he can actually afford it. He saw his classmate’s mother wearing a ring and wanted his mother not to be left out.
Although the mother was touched with the boy’s good intention, she doesn’t want his child to spend all his savings for her. The child cried very loud as his mother did not want him to buy the ring. As the child really wanted to buy his mom a ring, the mom had a deal with her son and points out to another expensive diamond ring that costs 50,700 yuan ($7,560). She told her son that he can save more money to buy his mother that expensive ring.

Source: PTAMA