This cat amazes a lot of netizens because it literally sits down in a toilet bowl as it poops!

Some people doesn’t really want to have pets because they didn’t want to be busy with cleaning all the mess inside the house every single day and the fact that they have to take care of those pets always.

Because when you have pets it is your obligation to feed them, to clean them, and to provide whatever they need for comfortable living every day. There are some people who treat their pets as their baby, their little child.

They would often sleep with them, or take them to morning walks, and even to the malls. But the main reason why people doesn’t want pets inside their home is that they seem to poop anywhere.

But recently, a netizen was surprised that their pet cat actually sits down on a toilet bowl! The netizen was later known to be Nyx Delabahan, who shared a video of their cat doing something very unusual with a pet. It was not a usual thing to house pets to act such a human way particularly in sitting like a real person on a toilet bowl. She captioned her post saying: “Umuwi ako sa province naming sa Gumaca, Quezon. Then nakita ko sa c.r. si miming puninay, pet ni mader. So vinideohan ko siya laking gulat ko sa ginawa niya.” Together with a hashtag “#MyManners”.

The said cat was literally doing its own business on the toilet bowl. It can also be heard on the video that as she was taking the video by surprise, she immediately calls her mother to witness what happened. The viral post garnered a total of 32 thousand shares, and 35 thousand reactions on Facebook.

A lot of netizens could not believe that a cat would have such manners of dealing his private business somewhere really private. What a cute little pet it is!