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This Cambodian groom married her sister and had brought sadness to everyone!

Marriage, also known to many as matrimony or wedlock, is actually a socially or ritually recognized union between two people. It also establishes rights and obligations between spouses, as well as between them and any resulting biological or adopted children and affinity in their marriage. Marriage actually differs from one country to other, even the culture and tradition of people affects its definition.
Usually, there are some cultures that are very strict when it comes to marriage as it is very important to them before engaging in any romantic activity or those things that only the wife and the husband are allowed to do under marriage. A marriage ceremony is known as a wedding.
Recently, the marriage of this Cambodian man with his sister had brought tears of sadness to many people. The man was left by his bride on the very last minute of their wedding because of an unknown reason. That is why the groom’s sister decided to replace the runaway bride just to continue the celebration and also to doesn’t make their invited guests be very disappointed.

The Cambodian man agreed and was very grateful to his biological sister that she did something for their family not to be embarrassed so much in that very special event. Their wedding happened last April 8 just to “complete” the event. The groom who was also a wheelchair user was very devastated about what happened and he even collapsed as soon as he heard the news about his bride abandoning their wedding.

The groom’s brother expressed how mad he is to the woman who left his brother. According to him: “He was able to marry the person he loved, but the bride abandoned him because of the pressure of her family. In the end, we had to leave our sister as a substitute so that relatives and guest were not disappointed.”