This boyfriend traveled 2,400 kilometers just to surprise her girlfriend but he was shocked that she’s with another man!

Many people would definitely agree that they can do anything for love. It seems that love makes them stronger and inspires them to be better than they were before. Just like this guy from China who had traveled 2,400 kilometers just to surprise his girlfriend.

Though the reason of the guy who was planning to surprise his girlfriend was still unknown, some netizens thought that it was his girlfriend’s birthday and the guy was planning to surprise her wearing a teddy bear mascot. This loving boyfriend just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend but little did he know that the love of his life was already in the arms of another man.

The guy was really disappointed to see his girlfriend enfolded in the arms of another man. His girlfriend and the other guy seems to be having a romantic conversation on their romantic date. And because he was shocked, he immediately removed the head of his costume to reveal his identity and as his girlfriend saw him and recognized his face, she instantly removed the hands of the other guy on her and chase after her dismayed boyfriend.

The girlfriend tried to embrace and reconcile with her boyfriend but he just wanted to walk away and just go home. As of now, there was still no confirmation if they had already ended their relationship or they just let it pass and continue being together despite their distance. It was really hard to be in a long-distance relationship but there are actually some people who can really work it out despite the distance, and all the sacrifices that they have to endure just to be together.

But unfortunately, most of the people who have this kind of relationship didn’t make it through. It was a sad story that two people love each other so much but distance and their loneliness will really have a big impact on most people.