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This beautiful teacher in Taiwan caught the heart of many people and even her students because of her beauty and charm

We as little kid are most often taught to give importance in our education, as it can uplift our life for the better, it will definitely give us a brighter future, and we can easily achieve our dreams and goals in life. That is why many of us study very hard from primary school until we get our college diplomas. During our journey, some of us may grow up believing that teachers are the one who wears eyeglasses inside the classroom, they wear conservative clothes and really have a strict personality.

But this teacher in Taiwan is really different, teacher Cheng Jhia-wen went viral online because of her amazing and stunning photos that surfaced in different social media platforms. She was also dubbed as the “hottest teacher in Taiwan”. But she is not your ordinary teacher as she actually studies law at Chinese Culture University in Taipei. More than that she also teaches an elective called the knowledge-based economy and intellectual property at the Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taoyuan.

After her photos went viral, she instantly gained 100,000 followers online. She is also an expert at Science and Technology law, E-commerce law, Comparative law and the International rule of law trends. Aside from being so intelligent, she also knows how to play some musical instruments like flute and piano which she usually shared on her social media account. She is also a certified fashionista with her celebrity-looks and because of her taste in fashion.

There are actually some people who commented that they would love to go to school if they would have a teacher like her. There will also no students to skip class nor those students who don’t have an interest in the class discussion if you have such a stunning and gorgeous teacher like her!