This 91-year-old teacher in Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Physics doesn’t want to retire yet!

Teachers are like heroes that offer their life, time, and effort for their students. From elementary to college they are the one who taught us and guide us all the way to achieve our dreams. That is why even though we are already grown up, we could never forget all the things they taught us.

Many of the teachers we knew aged in their chosen profession because of the dedication and the commitment they have with their work. Just like Sir Gonzalo Maravilla, popularly known as Along who has been the oldest teacher in their school. At the age of 91-years-old he was still teaching Physics in Grade 10 students of Madyaas Institute and Albasan Numancia in Aklan.

He started his career profession in 1950 in the same school where his father was also one of the founders. The great educator revealed that he doesn’t have any plans on retiring yet. He would always walk from his home going to school. Some elders are often weak and forgetful but Teacher Along is still very strong and have a sharp mind.

His students are very amazed of this amazing teacher and even a lot of netizens were shocked to know that he was already 91-years-old.

True enough that being a teacher is one of the most amazing professions in the world. It really takes a heart for someone to teach and educate a lot of students all at the same time every single day. Not all individuals can dedicate themselves, their time and their effort for the sake of other people.

Teachers also help a lot in nurturing the future of their students. It was indeed true that the youth are the hope of our nation, and the teachers are the one who mold them into future leaders of our nation.