This 80-year-old grandfather walks 20 kilometers everyday just to sell “bagoong”!

We Filipinos are known to be good cooks with a lot of mouth-watering and delectable dishes we have in our country. We are all guilty of indulging ourselves with great food and a lot of condiments or “sawsawan”. But many people were surprised that this 80-year-old grandpa would really have to walk 20 kilometers just to sell his “bagoong” or shrimp paste, a popular Filipino condiment. Manong Lauro would often carry a pail of bagoong going to Bitukang Manok earning him a total of P50. He prefers walking rather than riding any public transportation as it would be an additional expense for the old man.

As his story went viral on different social media platforms, a lot of netizens could not help it but worry on the poor man that he had to walk 20 kilometers and carry a pail of bagoong just to earn a living. We all know at his age, he should be enjoying his retirement and waiting for some financial help from the local government but yet he was still doing this kind of work that may not be suitable for his age now. There were also people who wanted the local government to at least help and give some financial assistance for the old man for him not to walk long kilometers and earn P50 for a bucket of “bagoong”.
May this be a lesson to many other people to take care of their old loved ones as they should be enjoying their retirement by this time instead of working so hard just for them to earn a small amount of money! Manong Lauro was indeed a great inspiration to those young generation that they should not complain with every single thing they are experiencing right now. Because a lot of young people take for grant all the privileges and the great things they get to enjoy easily and very conveniently.