This 64-year-old man travels more than 100 kilometers everyday just to sell salted fish for his wife’s medical expenses!

Being a parent, it was indeed a great blessing to finally have your own children and start your growing family. But there will come a time when your children will eventually have their own families as well, living the parents all by themselves. Recently, this old man went viral in different social media platforms as he worked really hard to sell salted fish despite the need of traveling for more than a 100 kilometers.

The 64-year-old man was known as Md Zin Ahmad who hails from Bukit Pasir, Muar in Johor, Malaysia. He doesn’t mind the sacrifices he had to make every single day just to sell his products in every single houses or establishments he passes by. For more than 5 years already, he would often woke up early for him to travel from his home going to Melaka or Malacca City as he has a better chances there of selling his salted fish.

As he traveled away from home every single day, he would bring around 100 packs of salted fish which he will be selling in the neighborhoods of Melaka. The old man doesn’t have his own stall there but instead he just walk from one house to another and he would knock each door to sell his product.

His story went viral because of a certain Malaysian girl named Aina Wardina who shared his photos on her Twitter account. According to her, she had seen the hardworking man before when she joined a marathon near Dataran Pahlawan. She was actually surprised to see him again in Melaka and had some time to chat with him for a few minutes.

Wardina learned that despite Ahmad’s age, he doesn’t mind working away from home every day for him to support his wife, Fatima Md Said. She is already 73 years old and bedridden but even though she is in that situation her husband still loves her so much and willing to do everything for his wife. He was such an admirable husband.