These seamen know how to be happy and positive despite the hardships they encounter working away from their family!

Many Filipino families have someone in their household who works as an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. Even though many people believe and have a perception about OFWs having lots and lots of money abroad, their situation and their everyday life away from their families is one of the hardest things they can experience in their journey.

Aside from the home-sickness, Filipino workers in foreign countries are feeling, they also experienced culture shock as our country differs from the country where they are working. When we thought OFWs are earning a lot of money, we oftentimes forgot that they are also facing a lot of struggles and challenges abroad.

It was just recently when a viral video of these seamen went viral online as they tend to put a hard situation in a lighter and funny one. The men in the video seemed to be enjoying their food when there were a sudden wave and movement on their ship. Both of them are holding a bowl of food in their hands and as they already know about what will happen, they carefully slide on the floor regardless of wherever the sudden movement might take them.

It garnered an enormous number of reactions and comments from the public. Many of the netizens were amazed and inspired that despite the fact that they are dealing with hardships and challenges as they worked away from their families they still manage to be happy and positive in their everyday life and in the situation that they are in. There were also some people who worried too much about their safety and advised them to be more careful next time and to follow standard operating procedures when those kinds of things happen again.

We may have different perceptions towards the viral video but it was really something that many of our fellow Filipinos do for them to forget the loneliness that they feel each and every day until they will be able to go back to their respective families in the Philippines.