These dogs amazed the public as they can easily understand their owners and were very obedient to them!

Dogs are considered as the number one best friend of men. In our society nowadays, dogs are treated as part of the family and were also considered as the youngest member of our family. Some dogs also have their own rooms while some are sleeping inside their owners’ own room. That is the latest trend for dog owners in the Philippines nowadays.

Aside from being friendly, dogs are also obedient especially when they are properly trained. No wonder that human had a strong bond and connection with their dogs. In a Facebook post of a known Filipino community, there was a viral video where a man seemed talking to his two dogs and instructing them to help him in cleaning the house.

His dogs helped him by getting the cleaning materials. It was also amazing that the dogs knew what things to get. They look so cute as they obey their owner and help him in cleaning the house. The owner even thank the two dogs after he was done the cleaning.

Who would have thought that dogs can easily obey their owner without any complains and hesitations? Unlike some children nowadays that you would have to wait for their excuses before you can ask them to help in doing some tasks in the household. May this be a great inspiration to many people, especially children of this generation to somehow help their parents as well and do not involve themselves so much in online games and playing with their gadgets.

Dogs are indeed an amazing pet and part of the family. They are a great stress reliever and an amazing travel buddy, food buddy or if you just wanted to be with your beloved pets in times of loneliness or $adness in life when you do not have anyone to be with.