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These are the list of celebrity couples who stay strong despite all the challenges they had been through the years

Most of the celebrity couples nowadays ended up in a failed relationship because of the difficulties and struggles they encountered throughout their relationship. But there are still some couples who became stronger and happier with their relationship and still managed to be together despite everything. Here are some of the famous celebrity couples who are admired because of their “relationship goals!”


This couple became stronger even after all the issues that speculated that they had already broken up. They would always unfollow each other on their respective social media accounts but at the end they will follow each other again. That is why our Beauty Queen learned that they should be private with their relationship. They are now happily enjoying their 3rd year together as a couple.


They started as a loveteam and when they decided to make it to the next level a lot of people were surprised that they really are making it until today. It just seem that they complement and support each with their endeavors even if they are not a loveteam in some movies. Before, they hardly deny their relationship but as we can clearly see nowadays through social media, they cannot be separated so easily. They also shared some appreciation posts online whenever they are celebrating their anniversary as a couple. Would you believe that they area already seven years in a relationship? Adorable!


The YouTube Vlogger Alex Gonzaga didn’t realize that she would find her boyfriend at the time of the wedding of her sister Toni Gonzaga. But she didn’t know that there will be someone who would be much better than him and that is her current boyfriend Mikee Morada. He would often be seen on the vlogs of Alex as he is a very supportive boyfriend to the famous celebrity and vlogger.