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The story of this husband who was cheated by his wife in 5 years earned a lot of comments and reactions!

Married life was never easy many people and the married couple would always remind young people nowadays. But it was not always about hardships, struggles, and challenges in life because married life is also an amazing journey. Many people are blessed to have a spouse that would take care of them as well as the family that they are starting. Unfortunately, there are also these people who had been cheated by the people they trusted and love the most.

There was this 33-year-old tailor known as Richard Dela Trinidad who was featured on the famous program of Raffy Tulfo entitled “Raffy Tulfo in Action”. He asked help from the programs as he learned that his wife, Christine Dela Trinidad was cheating on him for 5 years already!

The husband shared about their love story as they started as high school sweethearts until they got married and everything had changed. The broken-hearted husband discovered that his wife is having an affair with a certain “Robert “Bobby” Chavez” who was actually working as an OIC in RCBC bank.

The wife was interviewed via phone call but she insisted that she already put an end on that affair as the man also had a family and she was also thinking about the sake of their respective children. The husband insisted that he only wants his wife to leave the man for good and return to their family. But he knew that his wife was only lying. The wife also made it clear that she doesn’t want to be with her husband as he didn’t deserve her anymore.

Though it was a very hurtful experience to the husband and their two children, they still have to move on with their respective lives hoping that someday their wounds will soon be healed as years gone by. It was indeed true that love, respect, and faithfulness are one of the most important things to have inside a growing family.