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The public was surprised to know that this young-looking mother is already 50-years old!

We oftentimes encounter a lot of problems in our daily lives and it causes us a lot of stress. Stress can greatly affect our cells and can cause wrinkles, can make our skin look old and unhealthy, can cause us a lot of physical changes, and it can also lower our immune system.
For us to prevent stress, we can do exercise, drink plenty of fluids especially water and a proper diet of fruits and vegetables can really be a big help. If we can take care of ourselves especially our health we will be able to have a lot of precious time with our beloved friends and families.

This woman doesn’t look like 50 years old because she really looks half of her age and oftentimes people had mistaken her as the girlfriend of her son who is only 22-years-old. The mother was known as Puspa Dewi from Jakarta, Indonesia. You can easily be fooled by her white and beautiful complexion as well as her younger-looking and flawless skin.

A lot of people admire her because of how she takes care of herself and they could not believe that she is actually 50 years old. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, and a television personality. No wonder that she really knows how to take care of her skin, her health, and body. She surprised everyone that her secret to younger-looking and beautiful skin is a healthy diet, her solid skincare routine, and her exercise routine.

Despite her age, she still continues to be happy and enjoying her life as well. Aside from her time in her own business, she also takes time to prepare packaged meal plans for her clients and she even became an Indonesian Skincare and Beauty Brands Ambassadress. She indeed empowers and inspires a lot of mothers to never forget about their health and body as well.