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The public was shocked at these tremendously huge sea creatures surfaced on the sea!

There are a lot of animal species that can only be found in the Philippines. Our country is a home for a number of marine creatures in the Indo-Malay-Philippines sea. According to Wikipedia, the Philippines is considered as the center of Marine Biodiversity. Due to our country’s wide biodiversity, it is also a sanctuary to a lot of marine animals endangered species.

It was just very recently when a netizen named McAdam Datucali Pundaodaya shared a photo of men carrying a huge fish out of the shore. At first, you can definitely say that it was just an ordinary big fish that they caught but it was really an endangered species they found. The fish was caught in Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao Del Norte. It was actually a Goliath grouper before it had a lot of number in America but after a couple of years, it becomes scarce and was included on the list of endangered species.

It earned a number of comments and reactions from the netizen. There are some netizens who hilariously commented that it would be very difficult to cook as there will be no pan that can be used for it.

While some had commented that there are actually kitchen utensils that can be used to make a huge fish, a little bit small and in that way, it can easily be cooked. But despite a number of jokes about the incident, we should never forget that endangered species are meant to be protected and guarded not the other way around.

We are indeed blessed with a lot of natural resources as well as different variety of amazing kinds of animal species. We should at least protect them, conserve them, and somehow guard their remaining kinds before it was too late. It should start in every one of us as soon as possible.