The newly-wed couple had bread and butter on as their wedding cake because they do not have enough money to buy one!

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in the life of two people. This is the symbol of their union as husband and wife. It is where they promise to love and support each other in front of everyone and it was legalized by the law. This is a very important occasion that is why it is given great importance and priority, especially to the couple.

The couple usually prepares the delectable food for their families, relatives, and guests, as well as the decoration of the wedding reception, their wedding suit, and wedding dress and their wedding cake.

Some of us often borrow money to other people just to have an excellent and grand celebration for their invited guests. But should this really be our mindset when it comes to a wedding? Why should we please everyone and after that we will be the only one to face all the consequences of our decisions?

When most of the people prefer this kind of set up, this couple chooses to be true to themselves. They actually went viral on different social media platforms because of their wedding cake. It was not a grand and huge wedding cake just like in any other weddings we used to attend because it is a layer of bread with butter and soft drinks on the side.

The decoration of their wedding venue is just as simple as it is as well as the bride and grooms wedding gown and the suit don’t need to be extravagant. Despite their situation, the couple can clearly be seen very much happy and contented on their wedding day. They do not mind their simple cake, simple venue, and simple clothes, they are genuinely happy because of their union.

True enough that there is still this kind of things that money can not buy. Happiness, contentment, and love are one of the greatest traits this couple has taught many of us.