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The most beautiful handwriting was actually by a grade 8 student from Nepal!

Ever since we are young, our parents and guardians are the ones who taught us to read and write. It was just really amazing that after a couple of years, some of us developed our writing and reading skills as we practiced a lot. But there are also some people who tend not to practice their writing skills and it just comes naturally. You would be surprised that grade 8 student from Nepal had the most beautiful handwriting.

This student from Nepal is considered as the most beautiful handwriting in the world as she went viral on different social media platforms and it actually earned countless comments and reactions from the public. She is from Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya at Nepal. She was blessed with an amazing and rare gift of beautiful writing.

She is a 14-year-old grade 8 student whose name is Prakriti Malla. She was known all over the world after someone from their country shared photos of her handwriting in social media. Some people had even commented that her handwriting is better than the font of MS word in computers. Her writings look like a whole new level of calligraphy. Many people even commented that her skills were almost close to perfection.

A lot of people were amazed by the amazing skills of this young student. Some people say that she doesn’t even need a computer or a printer to submit her school projects because her hands alone can have an amazing work of art. She had also gained national attention because of it as the Nepali Armed Forces awarded her the best handwriting.
Social media was indeed a powerful channel for these amazing talents to be recognized. And this kind of talents can also be a great inspiration to other people in different countries all over the world.