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The humble beginnings of the popular Mang Tomas Lechon sauce!

Filipinos love lechon so much! Even if too much consumption of it can actually affect one’s health. But it was not bad if it was taken in moderation. As our favorite lechon brighten up every special occasion like fiestas, birthdays, reunions or weddings, lechon is best served with a sauce. And one of the most tastier and popular lechon sauce of all time is our very own “Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce”.

The popular was actually created in the late ’80s at a small lechon stall in Manila. It was a sauce made especially for lechon. The man behind the famous sauce was Tomas Delos Reyes or popularly known as Mang Tomas. Mang Tomas is a meat vendor who started his lechon dealership in the 1950s. He was also the very first “lechonero” in La Loma. Mang Tomas had a meat stall in front of La Loma Cockpit Arena that was just across his house that time. Many “sabungeros” had been his customers that time and his business was really doing great. As his meat business started to become successful, he expanded in making it into a roast pig business.

One of the reasons why it became so popular is when the former President Ramon Magsaysay visited his stall and tasted his liver sauce. The former President loved the sauce as well as Mang Tomas’ lechon and that was the started of his product being known to a lot of people. His good reputation had spread all over the place as well as his delectable lechon and lechon sauce. Mang Tomas had also been a supplier of lechon in the Malacañang Palace during important occasions.