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The historic grave of Jesus was opened after 500 long years!

Jesus’ grave was reopened after 500 long years! It was located in Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem. It has been 500 years after it was opened. It was closed 1,500 times for its security and for the holy things inside not to be taken by thieves.

It has been the very last time since it was opened. The church had undergone so many calamities such as fire, earthquake, and wars that is why it was still a mystery what was inside the gravesite of Jesus.

When they opened the grave, they were amazed to saw the marble where it was believed that the remains of Jesus were placed. Archeologist Frederik Hiebert from the National Geographic channel was astounded and left in awe as he saw what was left in the historic grave of Jesus! The said grave was the one founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century.

Though they were all excited and delighted to see what’s inside the sacred place, they were not allowed to touch anything as it should be approved first by the committee. Great example for this was a stair that was about 240 years old and has not been moved ever since as it was not yet approved by the committee.

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