The groom was surprised to know that her bride pretended to a beautiful woman when she’s actually the opposite!

Marriage is such a sacred ceremony and tradition to many of us here in the Philippines, the same as most of the countries all over the world. Marriage is a union of two individuals loving each other, supporting each other and two different people who wanted to build a family of their own together as husband and wife. Unfortunately, not every single one of us already found the love of their life whom they can share everything to.

Yusuf is an Indonesian man who had been in a long-distance relationship with a beautiful girl for more than a year already. He is currently working in South Korea, while his girlfriend resides in Taiwan. Despite their distance, their relationship grows to be deeper and deeper each day.

He couldn’t really believe that he had found the woman of his dreams in social media and that woman would often sent him beautiful photos of herself every day. But when they are doing video chat, the woman prefers wearing her “hijab”. To some people, this would really mean something suspicious as it is not very usual to two people loving each other to hide their faces from each other.

After sometime, they decided to get married. The husband-to-be often sends the woman money for her monthly expenses and for their wedding preparations. But he was really clueless that he would face such a great problem afterwards. On the day of their wedding, Yusuf wanted to see the bride’s beautiful face for the very first time personally after years of being in a long-distance relationship.

But to his dismay, his fiancée is actually an old woman pretending to be young and beautiful! Because of what happened the wedding was cancelled and the groom was left broken hearted. Hopefully, Yusuf can find the woman who will not lie to him and who will love him for the rest of their lives.