The expert revealed that too much talking is bad for your health!

Believe it or not, people nowadays having great communication skills oftentimes earn a lot of friends so easily than those who don’t. It seems that they are much easier to be approached by other people and mingle with them.

Talking is a way of people to give information, express ideas and even their feelings. It also means that speaking is one of our primary ways to transfer a message from one people to another.

But little we did know that too much talking is bad for our health. Dr. Archie Ramos, an ENT (Eyes, Nose, Throat) specialist or also called otolaryngologists revealed that excessive usage of our voice can affect our health negatively especially in the throat area.

When we excessively use our voice through talking and shouting it can actually damage and cause inflammation to our vocal cords and “voice box” that can lead to hoarse voice or voice loss.

The expert further explained that these things happened to those people who frequently use their voice at work like singers, sales representatives, and call center agents. He added that it is very important for us to properly take care of our voice and our throat because some patients‘ voice disappeared permanently.

There are some things that we can do to take care of our voice. We can consume water and try some home remedies that are proven to help soothe our throats. It was called ”proper voice care” and ”proper hydration”.

True enough that we have a lot of things to do and we are oftentimes busy with so many things. But we should also take time to take care of our health, our own body, and even our own voice. Because believe it or not, it will definitely be hard to communicate with other people and express yourself if you have difficulty in speaking, having a hoarse voice or the worst of all is totally losing it.