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The doctor finds hundred a lot of undigested milk tea pearls inside the stomach of this 14-year-old girl!

A young girl was rushed to the hospital because of constipation and stomachache. Netizens were surprised about the doctor’s findings that she had hundred of undigested “milk tea pearls” inside her body. Milk tea is one of the most popular and talked about drink in the Philippines and in other countries nowadays. As a matter of fact, we can always see long queues in milk tea shops as many customers wanted to try and buy this kind of drink.

However, people tend to forget about the bad effects of too much drinking of milk tea. But just like the frequent reminders of experts about the negative effects of too much drinking of soft drinks and many other drinks in the market, the public remains deaf and continues to consume so much.

Even Psychologists advised the public to observe themselves who are fond of drinking milk tea because some people just wanted to post in on social media and to garner likes and reactions from the netizens. In Zheijang Province in China, a 14-year-old young girl experienced a terrible pain in the stomach and constipation. She could not eat and she also finds it very difficult with her bowel movement. That is why she was rushed immediately in the hospital by her parents.

The girl told the doctor at first that she only had one serving of milk tea but they didn’t believe her as they found hundreds of undigested milk tea pearls inside her body. The doctors assumed that she was trying to hide to her parents that she drinks more than one serving of milk tea every single day.

Experts said that milk tea pearls are made of starchy tapioca and it was not easily digested by our body. When the doctors discovered the reason of her stomach pain and constipation, they immediately gave her laxatives and advised her to limit herself in drinking too many sugary drinks.-