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The artist of ”Momo” said he already destroyed the doll!

Recently, many people especially parents were shocked about the ”Momo Challenge”. The terrifying doll was used in a viral hoax that children were instructed to hurt themselves or other people for them to be safe as well as their family members. Though there was no evidence regarding the said controversy many people find relief as the Japanese sculptor already destroyed the said image long ago.

Japanese sculptor Keisuke Aiso, 43-year old said that he felt “responsible” for the said viral hoax as he was the one who made the terrifying image. He also said that the doll was made to scare people but not harm anyone.The said doll was called “Mother Bird” that was created in 2016. It was displayed in an art gallery in Tokyo where an exhibition about ghost stories had been done. It was only one of the many collections of Aiso in his ghost-themed creations.

Source: KickerDaily