Teacher on her best effort in guiding her students with their performance elicited enormous reactions from the public!

Many of us would definitely agree that the most challenging job ever is to be a teacher to pre-school kids! Because children at this stage are still very young and they can easily be distracted with so many things that is why it is a must for their teachers to exert their best effort for them to listen to you.

When it comes to school programs or school activities, a lot of teachers really give their best efforts to teach the children to dance and to sing in harmony. Usually, teachers would often be in front of the kids to see what their teacher was doing. Just like the viral teacher in Cotabato City Central Pilot School (CCCPS) who was later known as Teacher Eden Jurane. Her co-teacher shared her video online while dancing and guiding her students to the best she can.

Their school was celebrating “Buwan ng Wika” that time and their school were hosting a Kindergarten Talents Unlimited Contest where children will be performing their dancing and singing piece. The one who uploaded the video was teacher Juliet Tomo and she wrote a caption on the video saying, “Ganito ang Kindergarten teacher! Peace yow! Ma’am Eden Jurane!”. The co-teacher uploaded her video online because she was really amazed by the effort of her fellow teacher to her young students.

Another video features the young children who were happily dancing and copying their teacher’s dancing steps in front of them. The teacher and students’ performance was all worth it because they won the first place on the “Sabayang Pag-awit” contest.

When the video surfaced in different social media platforms, a lot of netizens could not help but be amazed at the teacher’s effort like no other. But what’s more amazing is that aside from winning the best performance award they had also won three other awards in different categories.

If ever they will be looking for the best performance of a teacher, Teacher Jurane would definitely take home the crown!