Sweet Birthday Message from Manny Pacquiao for the 70th Birthday of Mommy Dionisia

We owe to our moms our lives. They are the main reason why we are living in this world. We should be thankful for their love and sacrifices to make us grow as a better persons. From the day we are born, we already experienced love from them.

Since we are loved by our mother, it is also essential to return the love for them. Let them know that every sacrifices are worth the price. Let them feel that you are grateful for all the love that your mom gave you.

Our moms also are the main reason of the kind of character we have today. We consider them as our 1st teacher.

There are so many things that we should be grateful for our moms. In other words, learn to give back the love that you received. A simple act like saying “i love you” will be appreciated by them. Remembering also your mom’s birthday can make her feel special.

Just like what our “Pambansang Kamao” did to her Mommy Dionisia. Mommy Dionisia celebrated her 70th Birthday in their mansion in General Santos City. It was a simple celebration with her beloved family, and of course Manny Pacquiao is there together with her wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

In the pictures taken, a beautiful smile expresses Mommy Dionisa’s happiness. Wearing a red dress and a beautiful sandals, you can still feel the youthfulness of the mother of our pambansang kamao. There is also a picture of a gift given by Manny Pacquiao which is wrapped by a purple color and white ribbon. What could it be?

Also, Manny Pacquiao greeted her mom thru social media. He said:
“Mom, I can’t put into words how much you mean to all of us! All the hard work and selflessness to get us to where we are today. Happy 70th birthday Mommy D.”

Jinkee Pacquiao also greeted her Mom in-law with this message:
“Happy 70th birthday Mommy D. We love you so much. God bless you more!”