Sinita ni Megastar Sharon Cuneta ang kaniyang anak na si Frankie dahil sa suot suot nito!

Being a mother was really not a joke or a simple thing to do. Aside from them being very busy on the household chores every single day, and taking good care of the children and their family. But more than that, mothers also discipline their children to make sure that they will grow up to be responsible and mature individuals. Mostly, mothers are very strict with their children as they wanted nothing but the best for their children.

We often get some kind of discipline to our parents when we did something wrong. At a very tender age we really don’t know and understand a lot of things in life. But as we continue to grow mature and responsible enough, we had been able to understand so many things and one of them is the concern and the unconditinal love of parents to their children that is why they had to do some discipline together with tough love.

Rich or poor, all mothers share the same things especially when it comes to their family and chilren’s welfare. Our parents can sacrifice any thing for us even if they were left with nothing. But we also knew that most Filipino parents are very strict when it comes to their daughters.

Just like the Megastar Sharon Cuneta to her daughter Frankie Pangilinan. And being a mother in this generation full of high-tech gadgets and social media awareness, most mothers use this opportunities to watch and kee track on their children especially with all the things they post online.
It was just recently when the comment of Megastar Sharon Cuneta went viral in social media because of her daughter’s posted photo online. Her daughter, Frankie shared a photo of herself on her social media account as she enjoys the waves of the ocean startled her mother as she was wearing a two-piece bikini showing some skin. Frankie really has something to say when it comes to her gorgeous body. But as a mother, Sharon Cuneta confronted and advised her that she should not bare a lot of skin to the public. But she had also complemented her saying that she really looks good on her photo.

A lot of netizens were amazed and delighted about the comment of the celebrity mother and even if she was really busy on her career she always made sure that she reminds her children important things in life.