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Sheryl Cruz flaunts her incredible body for an online magazine!

Sheryl Rose Anna Marie Sonora Cruz, professionally known as Sheryl Cruz is a 45-year-old Filipina actress and singer. She is known for her role as Divina Ferrer in 2007’s television drama series ”Sinasamba Kita”, and as Valeria on “Bakekang” and the Philippine remake of Rosalinda.

After four years out of ABS-CBN, in 2012, she had a guest appearance on the series “Walang Hanggan” as young Virginia “Manang Henya” Cruz, portrayed by Ms. Susan Roces. In 2013, while she’s still a contract star of ABS-CBN, she became part of “Galema: Anak ni Zuma”, critically known as Galela Carriedo. She returned to her home network GMA Network in 2014, where she had been working since then, being given many roles and TV appearances.
Recently, Sheryl’s revealing photos surprised a lot of her friends and supporters.

She posed for an online magazine known as All Out, a lifestyle and contemporary pop culture online magazine. She shared her jaw-dropping photo online with a caption “Older women are better.” According to a report in 24 oras of GMA network’s senior news correspondent, Nelson Canlas, Sheryl didn’t have enough courage and confidence in herself back when she was still younger to do such thing.

But now, she had matured enough and had more self-confidence in her own skin. She also added that she didn’t care about other people’s opinions towards her, what’s more, important is that she loves what she is doing. But she still asked for her daughter’s permission in doing such projects.

“Probably because I wasn’t that encouraged enough or I wasn’t that confident enough in my own skin then. Now, I’m more mature and I don’t have to ask permission from anyone. Well, except for my daughter Ashley.” The award-winning actress shared.

She also commented that she did the project to empower a lot of women out there that it is alright to be gorgeous and beautiful at any age.

Source: GMANetwork