Scientists discovered coconut husks as a much cheaper and stronger alternative than woods!

We heard a lot of bad news regarding the condition of our environment. Our mother nature is really sÜffering right now. There were actually 15.3 billion of trees are being cut down because of the manufacturing process. Recently, news about a Dutch start-up, CocoPallet introduces a new way of recycling coconut husks to replace wood in making traditional shipping pallets.

The founder was later known as Michiel Vos, according to him Asia alone, produces more than a billion pallets every year. Pallets are made by using soft wood which cannot be found in tropical forests. Those kinds of wood are actually imported from Canada, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe.

It was really saddening that there are a lot of forests to be destr0yed and their remains are shipped to Asia just to make pallets and manufacture products which were actually sent back to Europe or America. With the introduction of coconut husk pallets, the abundance of Asia’s coconut wastes can be put in excellent use.

Those coconut husks pallets are stronger, lighter, space-saving and fire resistant as well. They are also a lot more cheaper and very sustainable. It was really a great milestone in fighting the climate crisis and in saving our mother nature.
May this be a great inspiration to many people out there that there are actually groups of individuals who are trying their best to conserve our nature and to somehow slow down the environmental crisis which many of us are experiencing.

We have a lot of young generations nowadays, a lot more young children and babies to be welcomed on Earth and it will be a great gift for them to take care of our environment so that they will still be able to see a lot more beautiful things in our surroundings and to be able to breathe fresh air and to swim in clean and safe bodies of water.