Sarah Lahbati enjoyed their vacation in the wonderful place of Palawan together with Richard Gutierrez and their children!

Time spent together is very precious to a growing family. For a family to be strong and bonded together, a family should always have quality time for each other. To bond and spend their time together is one of the most important things for a married couple or for the parents to keep in their minds and to be given a priority.

As parents, even though we are busy at work or with the careers they have, they should never ever forget to give enough time and attention for them to be able to support and guide their children as they grow up.

Children will never be young for so long, time will come that they will be all grown-ups already and most of the parents didn’t really notice it. That is why children should enjoy their childhood journey together with their loving parents.

That is why the celebrity couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati enjoyed their quick escapade in El Nido, Palawan together with their children. A lot of their fans and supporters admired this couple and they were all very happy to see them so in love with each other and very dedicated in their parenthood journey with their two sons.

Richard and Sarah’s El Nido trip was made very special because of their two adorable children, Kai and Zion. Zion and Kai surely got their admirable looks from their handsome father and beautiful mom. These young children were very blessed to have such wonderful, dedicated, and loving parents. They even spent precious time with their precious kids despite their busy schedules. They really serve as a great inspiration for other parents out there.

Richard Kristian Rama Gutiérrez, popularly known as Richard Gutierrez, is a 35-year-old American-born Filipino actor and model. He is one of the sons of actor Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. He and his fiancée Sarah already have two sons and their wedding is set this coming March 2020.