A Former Wowowee Dancer Before is Now a Successful Millionaire Businesswoman!

We may know a number of successful stories of different people all over the world. Some of them started at the bottom and they became really successful. Just like the story of this former game show dancer. Do you still remember the former dancer of the game show “Wowowee”, RR Enriquez?

Maybe not every one of us remembers the “money girl” host of the popular game show. She is known to many as a beautiful and talented lady of Willie Revillame’s “Wowowee”. She also amazed everyone with her dancing and hosting skills. No wonder that she easily caught the attention and the heart of many Filipino people.

It was 2011 when she left show business and she decided to engaged herself in business. Together with her boyfriend Jay-Jay Helterbrand, they decided to run their business “Rejuva Aesthetic and Laser Center” in Cavite where RR grew up.

Her business become successful and she was very grateful to her loyal customers who never fail in supporting her newly built business. The former Wowowee dancer revealed in one of her interviews with Philippine Entertainment Portal that her boyfriend was the one who initiated the business. She convinced her boyfriend to trust her because this will be the reason for their success. She also revealed that she had changed a lot ever since and that she became more hardworking and committed. She even does a lot of things at work even she is the owner of her own business. She had shared that when you are in the show business industry, you should be more responsible especially when handling your finances and your own money because you will never know until when you will be working.

Her story was indeed an inspiring story to many people especially to those people in the show business industry, for them to be aware that their fame and popularity may only be temporary and that they should invest their hard earned money very wisely.