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Robi Domingo shares his amazing New York City trip together with his non-showbiz girlfriend!

We may know a lot of celebrity love stories and celebrity couples nowadays. We would always want to know everything about them especially their relationship together. We oftentimes admire them because of their chemistry on and off-screen as well as their interests and hobbies as a couple.

But there are also some celebrities who have non-showbiz partners and they really seem to be very happy and contented despite a lot of their differences being a celebrity and a non-showbiz personality.

Just like Robi Domingo who had recently shared about her NYC trip together with his girlfriend, Maiqui Pineda. The “Pinoy Big Brother host revealed that it has been his first time in visiting NYC but all his expectations had been surpassed. He was also very grateful for his girlfriend Maiqui who had been his tour guide because Maiqui had lived there for several months.

And because she already knew quite everything about the place, they would never depend themselves on directories, on telephones, or even making his own itineraries as his girlfriend already knew everything about the place. The 29-year-old host shared that Maiqui is also an ADMU alumna, the school which Robi had attended since his elementary days. They had visited some of its famous tourist spots which include the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, St. Patrick Church, and they had also a chance to watch the Hamilton on Broadway.

It can be remembered that Robi admitted about him dating someone way back August 2018. Though he didn’t give any further information about his special someone, he revealed that she is a non-showbiz personality. Though the couple remained private with their relationship, they still try to express their feelings to the public every now and then through social media.

His former girlfriend was Gretchen Ho for four years. She is also an Atenista and a former volleyball star player of the Ateneo Lady Eagle. They announced their break up in March 2017.