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Raffy Tulfo helped this man because his wife left him along with his children!

Having a gift of family is indeed a great blessing from above. It is a priceless experience to watch your children grow as well as your love for your spouse. But there are times when a certain relationship was tested by a lot of problems and challenges. Some people were able to overcome such trials in their respective relationship but there are some couples who just chose to end it and have their own separate ways.

Infidelity is one of those many reasons why strong relationship tends to collapse. Men are often known to do this kind of things. The infidelity of a man to his wife is a very common thing in our society nowadays. But a certain Charlie Lozada had experienced the other way around. He is a tricycle driver with 5 children to his wife named Sheerlyn who was actually an OFW. She left her husband and her children to live with another man.

Raffy Tulfo helped Charlie and his children by giving him P100,000. Some of it was deposited on the bank while some are used for the family’s shopping expenses. But instead of wasting the money, he invests it in a boutique and a market fish stall. He doesn’t need to ask for financial help from his wife anymore to support their five children. Because with the help of a generous and kind person, he was now capable of supporting all of them. It was also a very wise decision to invest the money given to him instead of wasting it on the things that can easily be consumed or those things that are not very important.

As Charlie prioritizes the welfare of his children rather than indulging himself on money and material things, he earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from the netizens. He also proves his former wife that it was a very great mistake for her to leave him with all their children.