Pinays earn $15 per hour by waiting in line for some customers in the first ever Jollibee store in Alberta, Canada!

Jollibee is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants among Filipino all over the world. It seems that eating a Jollibee product feels like home as many Filipino people would often eat out in this kind of restaurants together with their friends and families. It really suits the tastes of every Filipino people working and living in different parts of the world.

It was just recently when two Filipina end up with a brilliant idea of waiting in long lines for some customers who wanted to try the first-ever Jollibee store in Alberta, Canada located in Edmonton. These Pinays are earning $15 per hour by just waiting in line in the popular Filipino fast-food restaurant. They are known as Maryelle Gana and Ivana Recinos.

They were just joking around about the store taking a lot of time from many Filipino people who wanted to buy their popular products and that anyone could actually earn a serious amount of money just to wait in line in place of those people. They only thought of it as a joke but it was really a great idea as their other friends would tell them.
They had posted their services on the Facebook Marketplace charging their customers $15 per hour if they wanted someone to wait in line for them at the store while there is an additional $6 when they wanted their orders to be delivered right in front of their doorsteps. Their first customer was Deniel Pascua who even offered them more than their convenience fee of $15 per hour.

He said that the line-up in Alberta was really crazy and he doesn’t have time to line up and get the Jollibee products he wanted to eat. He also revealed that he really missed the taste of it. There were also some customers who availed their services from Calgary and Redwater that is actually located 60 kilometers away from Alberta.