Pinay who lived in squatter’s area before, now a successful President in one of the universities in America!

She is from a poor family with seven other siblings in their household. Despite her their p0verty and her own family’s struggle, Astrid Tuminez dreams just like any child would have. At a very tender age, she was already used to the fact that her family was impoverished and it was really a challenge for them to even have their own food every single day. Who would have thought that she will be a very successful woman in her future being the very first female president in the university in America?

It may be a different life for her if it wasn’t for the kind-hearted Catholic nuns who convinced her and her other siblings to pursue their studies. She was only 5 years old that time when a Catholic nun come over their home and offered them a scholarship for them to have a brighter future. Because she was young that time she never knew that it will be her way to escape their difficult life.

She is a child who was always hungry for learning and would always be excited going to school. During her free time, in their class recess, she would often go to their school library to read a lot of books. When she graduated elementary, she was later sent to Manila to study secondary education in Union High School. It was in 1982 when she was given a chance to study in America. She finished her Master’s Degree in Harvard University taking up Soviet Studies.

She then studied her PhD in Political Science and Government in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From a very poor family in the Philippines before residing in squatter’s area considered as informal settlers by many people who would have that she will be the first woman to be elected as the very first female president in Utah Valley University in Amerika. Aside from being a university president, she is also a regional director for corporate, external, and legal affairs of Microsoft Southeast Asia. She is also a professor in National University of Singapore, Lee Kuwan Yew School of Public Policy.