Pinay teacher’s beautiful handwriting on the board amazes the public!

Ever since we are young, we are taught to write eligibly by our parents, elders and teachers not just because it is pleasant to the eyes but writing is really an important skill to learn by the young children. Many people would think that writing is just very easy and it needs no practice at all. But little did we know that as we grow up, good writing skills can really mean a lot in our everyday lives and most particularly in our workplace.

A Pinay teacher went viral online because of her exemplary and amazing hand-writing skills that left many netizens left in awe. Many people could not really believe that it was a hand-writing after all! The viral photo was shared by the FB page “Rant” and it is now making rounds online. It shows a photo of a female teacher writing on the whiteboard with a caption, “ganda ng sulat ni maam”. It was taken last July 22 according to the date on the photo.
The teacher beautifully wrote:
“Activity: On a half sheet of paper, explain the sayings in two to three sentences.”
“Ang lalagyan na walang laman ay maingay”,
“Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod”,
and “Ang pagsasabi ng tapat, pagsasama nang maluwat”.

A number of netizens could not help it but admire the beautiful penmanship of the teacher. Many of them also wished they could also have such amazing handwriting skills. The post already earned more than 14k reactions and 30k shares on Facebook as of this writing. Unfortunately, there are still no clear details yet about the real name of the teacher as well as the school she’s teaching.

It was indeed an inspiration to other students and children out there to give importance on the way they write as they would definitely use it when they finally got a job or when they grew up. Moreover, giving importance to one’s education would really mean a big difference in the future.